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Genesis 15:1: After these things, the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying; Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.


Isaiah 53:5: But he was wounded for our transgressions, he wasbruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.


2.Thessalonians 3:3: But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.



But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)



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Through Moses, God made a covenant with Israel would be faithful to the covenant, they would be faithful to the covenant, they would be blessed above all other nations. But if they were unfaithful, God would bring upon them a serious of judgments of ever increasing severity. In subsequent history, Israel proved unfaithful and all the judgments that God predicted came upon them.
However, God promised that , in the later days, a redeemer would come to Zion and that Israel would receive forgiveness and cleansing from all their sins and would become once more a holy nation.

Memory work: Isaiah 43:25

Study Questions and Answers


  1. 1. What did Moses warn Israel they would do after his death: ( Deut.31:29). Moses warned Israel that they would become utterly corrupt and turn from the way Moses commanded them.
  2. Why would disaster come upon Israel in the latter days? (Deut. 31;29) Disaster would come upon Israel because they would do evil in the sight of the Lord and provoke Him to anger with the work of their hands.
  3. Three times God warned Israel against acting in a certain way toward Him. What was that way?( Lev. 26:21,27) They were walking contrary to God.
  4. If Israel refused Godís warnings , a serious of evil consequences would come upon them. State those described in the following verses of Lev. 26.
    1. V. 25
      1. A sword (war)against them
      2. Struck with pestilence
      3. Delivered into enemies hands
    2. V.29 Eat their own children during the stage
    3. V.31
      1. Cities laid waste
      2. Sanctuaries destroyed
      3. No more offerings to the Lord
    4. V.32
      1. Land left desolate
      2. Enemies dwell in Israelites land and are astonished at it.
    5. V.33
      1. Scattered among the nations
      2. Pursued by the sword
  5. Of all the troubles listed in the answers to questions1 through 4 above, how many have actually come upon the Jewish People? All of the troubles came upon the Jewish people.
  6. Daniel confessed various sins committed by his people, what are the ones he specified in Daniel 9:5?
    1. we have sinned
    2. we have committed iniquity
    3. we have done wickedly
    4. we have rebelled
    5. we have departed from Godís precepts and judgments
  7. In what way had Israel disobeyed the voice of Lord? (Deut.9:10.They had not walked in His laws, which He set before them by His prophets.
  8. If Daniel would alive today, how many of the same sins would he need to confess on behalf of the Jewish people? All of the sins, he would have confessed.


  1. God wanted Israel that they would be driven out of their land but promised that He would not do two things to them. What were they? ( Lev. 26:44).
    1. Not cast them away
    2. Not abhor them nor destroy them and break the covenant with them.
  2. What will God remember that will cause Him to show mercy to Israel? ( Lev.26:45)God will remember the covenant of their ancestress whom He brought out of the land of Egypt.
  3. What did David pray to come out of Zion? (Ps.14:7)David prayed for the salvation of I8srael to come out of Zion.
  4. In the day when Godís anger is burned away, what will Israel say concerning Godís salvation? (Isaiah 12:2) God is become my Salvation.
  5. In what two forms does God reveal Himself to Israel? ( Is.43:3)
    1. God is their Holy one
    2. God is their Savior
  6. Is there any other Savior? (Isa.43:11) No.
  7. What does God promise concerning Israelís transgressions? ( Isa. 43:25) God will blot out Israelís transgressions.
  8. What does God promise concerning Israelís sins? ( Isa. 43:25) He will not remember them.
  9. To whom in Zion does God promise a Redeemer? ( Isa. 59Ē20) To those who turn from transgressions in Jacob.
  10. What will come to Zion? ( Isa. 62:11) Salvation will come to Zion.
  11. What will be with Him? (Isa.62:11) His reward will be before Him.
  12. What will be before Him? (Isa.62:11) His work (Recompense).
  13. In the day when God restores Israel, in what two ways will He deal with their iniquities? ( Jer.33:7-8). 1. He will cleanse them 2. He will pardon them .
  14. In the day when God brings Israel back to their own land, how will He reveal Himself through them to the nations? ( Ezek.39:27). He will be hallowed in them.

Memory work: Isaiah 43:25 : ď I, even I . am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; I will not remember your sinsĒ.


God gave Israel the covenant. He knew that they would break it. He had also prepared a way by which they could receive forgiveness and restoration. The root of Israelís wrong acts a wrong a attitude.: Walking contrary to God. Another translations says, ď acting with hostility against GodĒ ( Lev. 21:26). The sins confessed by David can be summed up in one word: Rebellion.
God warned Israel that He would punish al their misdeeds, but He also promised that He would never finally reject them as His people. Even though Godís people may be unfaithful. God remains faithful to His covenant.
Godís remedy for Israelís failure is summed up in one word ď salvationĒ. Only God Himself can be a Savior without compromising His own holiness.
Godís salvation is so complete that He blots our sins so that He can no longer remembers them. God in His mercy , offers Israel a Redeemer, but Israel must respond by turning from their transgressions. This redeemer brings three things with Him: salvation, a reward, and a recompense.
Salvation includes both cleansing and pardon. From the beginning, Godís purpose has been to make Israel a blessing to the other nations and to reveal His holiness through Israel.




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